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Entranceway & Hallway Tiling in Leeds

Working with both domestic and commercial clients, we often find ourselves involved with hallway and entranceway tiling in Leeds. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all tiling services related to hallway tile flooring and entranceway projects.

As the entrance to your home or business, the hallway or foyer makes a statement. It tells visitors a story about you and how much you care about the premises. For this reason, your entrance needs to look impressive; regard it as a piece of art that reflects who you are. How you style it and tile it is so vitally important. A tiled hallways also brings with it many benefits as it is hard-wearing, easy to clean and always looks attractive.

Our entranceway & hallway tiling services

Hallway tiling

Whether you are a domestic client remodelling an older property or building from new or even a business client needing to make their entranceway tile flooring look appealing, we are the guys to call. If you are not sure what to pick in terms of style, we will work with you until we find a tile perfectly matching your taste. Our aim will be to identify a tiling material that is robust and tough but also aesthetically pleasing, providing a warm and inviting entranceway.

And we don’t only work indoors; often we are asked by clients to re-tile or renovate tiled paths as well as Victorian hallway tiling. This is particularly common in period properties where tiles were often used to create a stylish approach to the front door. A paved path created from hard-wearing beautiful tiles can make a world of difference to your property. We can build from new or even refurbish old tiled paths that have been damaged over the years.

Entranceway tiling

Working on tiled entranceways, internally or externally, is very much an art. It can certainly be challenging to work with sometimes complex designs to give an authentic and classical look. Used to working with both modern and vintage tiles, if your path or hallway has missing tiles, we will use our skill to find ones that match, finishing the restoration in such a way that the repairs are totally discreet.

Before starting work on your hallway or entranceway in Leeds, during our site visit, the floor fitter will carefully inspect and assess the base. If this is damaged, it will be corrected before any new tiles can be laid or old ones repaired. We can provide quotations to take care of both domestic and commercial tile renovation projects, where tiled walkways need to be carefully removed, cleaned and reconstructed. As well as fitting tiles, we provide an expert tile cleaning and restoration service whereby we can clean vintage tiles to bring them back to their original beauty.

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Covering the city of Leeds, as experienced tile fitters, we are able to fit any type of tile in any area. Whether you are a domestic of commercial client looking for a tiler in Leeds, you will find our service second-to-none. Get in touch with us today and ask for your FREE no-obligation quotation.

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